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Sarah Venter, founder of Eco products, was looking for a website to promote Baobab Powder and Baobab Oil. Eco products does not do retail sales; the site has to increase the awareness of the products and show people where to by the products. I spoke a lot with Sarah about her business and products, visited her factory and used her products. Read further how we developed her website.

Eco Products specialist in Boabab Oil and Powder

EcoProducts is a company based in Limpopo Province, South Africa. Since 2006, EcoProducts has led the way in the development and supply of baobab oil and baobab powder to the manufacture and retail sectors. The company has developed expertise in wild harvesting protocols, rural community supply chains, track and trace systems and baobab fruit processing technology. EcoProducts is one of the first companies in the bio-trade sector in South Africa to gain organic status and to comply with national bio-prospecting legislation.

 Eco products overview

Knowledge sharingA blog and recipe page to increase awareness

To increase awareness the site has a blog where Baobab related articles are published. As Boabab powder is a relatively new food supplement Eco products publishes recipes on a recipe page (and invites visitors to upload their own recipe), to inform visitors how to use this supplement in daily life. The blog articles and recipes are also published on the ecoproducts Facebook page.

 Eco products blog

and a page full of recipes with baobab powder as ingredient

Eco products recipe overview

Where to buyLocate the nearest store with the store locator

The site has a Store locator based on Google maps where visitors can check the nearest store to buy Boabab products.

Eco products Store locator

Mobile friendlyResponsive design to meet different screen sizes

The Eco products website is a responsive website so it will be suitable for all the different screen sizes and devices.