Madi a ThavhaDiscover the rich culture, history and nature of the Soutpansberg

Marcelle Bosch, owner of Madi a Thavha, was looking for website that would cover all activities of Madi a Thavha. Madi a Thavha offers nature & cultural experiences in the Northern part of Limpopo, South Africa. The site has to present the lodge, additional activities, but also the local artists and the art & craft they produce.

Marcelle wants the site to be rich of information about the area, local artists and the surrounding communities that are linked with Madi a Thavha. I regularly had meetings with Marcelle and Elthea (Content manager), visited the lodge, chatted with the staff and guests while I was there. See below some of the ideas we have implemented in the site.

Madi a Thavha website

Colourful Limpopo deluxeA rich experience of the stories, customs and raw beauty of the Soutpansberg and its peoples

Madi a Thavha mountain lodge is a 4-star, Fair Trade-certified lodge situated in a valley of the Soutpansberg. Founded by Marcelle Bosch and Aart van Soest, Madi a Thavha is well situated in the middle of the cultural and natural marvels of the north. They offer village tours to artists’ and crafters’ work places in the rural villages where you can experience the everyday rural buzz, meet traditional dancers, singers, musicians, story-tellers and traditional healers.

Play and feel colourful Limpopo!Exciting village tours, creative activities and superb cycling, birding and hiking opportunities

Madi a Thavha offers guided village tours, creative activities, cultural performances, cycling at and from the lodge with excellent birding and hiking opportunities in the Soutpansberg and surrounds. These activities are an important asset and a main attraction. Every tour has it’s own page, but we also present all the activities on the homepage in an activities overview block.

Madi a Thavha Activities

Information RichSharing local knowledge with guest

Madi a Thavha has build a large local network from artists, crafters, tour guides, local producers etc. With this network comes a lot of knowledge. The website offers space to share this knowledge with it’s visitors. The site has a blog where content rich articles will be published. The description of the activities is a good example of an information rich page.

Information rich page

ExperienceLots of culture, fusion food, the best of local CraftArt and fun activities at our lodge

Madi a Thavha offers a real cultural experience. Guests mention the fact that this was more than just a bed and food. Guests comments that express this feeling are presented throughout the website.

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