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Patrick Morewood from Pyga Industries wanted a redesign for their website. The new website should reflect the core values of Pyga in all aspects. I have visited the pyga workshop in Pietermaritzburg and Cape Town, rode one of their bikes and chatted with Pyga bike owners. Find below some aspects we have implemented in the new Pyga website.

Patrick Morewood

Pyga Industries is a small South African bike company

It was founded by Patrick Morewood, founder of Morewood bikes, and Mark Hopkins, of cSixx products and co-founder of Leatt. They have both been heavily involved in mountain biking for years, and have been friends for well over a decade. The most important thing that binds them is their love of riding.

They decided they wanted to make bikes that were competitive on the racetrack while still being super fun to bomb around on our local trails. These are not super-duper race machines, they are bikes that are designed to enjoy riding on any trail. It are bikes that put smiles on people’s faces, even the racing snakes.

Pyga bikes image gallery

Building trustYour ideas can be good but who is going to believe them?

Although Patrick and Mark are known names in bike building, Pyga was a complete new name. An important aspect of the site was building trust. To build trust we gave bike reviews from independent bike magazines a prominent position on the website.

Bike review
Furthermore we provide detailed information about the bikes from specs to geometry.
Pyga bike information table
And give easy access to support from registering your bike, to FAQ’s and the warranty policy.
Pyga bike registration form

#pygaSharing the love of riding

The love of riding, having fun on your bike, enjoying being out, and play are words that form the heart of the Pyga brand. To give meaning to these words we have introduced the #pyga. Pyga owners can share their Pyga experience on the pyga website by posting photo’s on Instagram with hashtag #pyga.

Share the love of riding