Dino Talotti was busy developing the varsity vibe website and he wanted to implement changes in his existing website. His website was using WordPress as content management system and he had bought a theme. After a few Skype calls we started making changes. Read what happened and how.

Varsity vibe website

Be a part of the VibeWe’re a no-nonsense team giving students & under 25’s instant access to the best student deals around SA.

Varsity Vibe’s roots began at UCT in 2010 when the company was started under the Ikeys Vibe banner. They formed a strategic partnership with the UCT rugby club and in the launch year, over 3000 students loved the vibe and took advantage of the partners offers. Other South African students were getting jealous so it was decided to create a national brand called Varsity Vibe so it could branch out to other universities and colleges.
Varsity Vibe members can access any of the deals wherever they are in South Africa despite being part of a tertiary institution in a particular region..

Find the right dealImproving usability on deals page

With more than 50 deals in different categories Dino was looking for a more user-friendly way of helping students to find the right deal. We have implemented a filter function. By ticking the boxes the selection will be immediately smaller.

Filtered search on Varsity Vibe deals

Single deals pageChange functionality in front and back end to manage deals more efficient

A brand has most of the times more branches and can therefore have multiple deals. We have implemented a functionality in the back- and front end to make this possible.

Map with deals

Featured dealsHighlight certain deals

Some partners want to have their deals featuring on the homepage and therefore we have developed a featured deal function. Certain deals will be visible on the homepage.
Featured deals